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Description of Symbol Mark

KORAD adopted the hexagon
which is the most secure structure in the nature

because KORAD represents an exclusive organization for safe and effective waste management.


Color Palette

(Yellow Green PANTONE 382C C30+Y100R191+G215+B48, Green PANTONE 362C C70+Y100+K10 R73+G168+B66), Color Palette

Minimum Size Requirement

Minimum Size Requirement6mm)

Signature Image

Signature Image(korad korea radioactive waste agency)1 Signature Image(korad korea radioactive waste agency)2
Spot Color Expression PANTONE 540C, C100+M55+K55, G55+B104

Corporate Character

Corporate Character

An initial concept of the Corporate Character (KORA)

is from an underground silo which safely disposes radioactive wastes and the glass dome on the top of KORA stands for KORAD’s values which protect environment in consideration of young leaf protection. Ears are surveillance aerials which strictly keep radioactive wastes monitoring.

Character Application

Heart Fighting

Character Signature