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CEO Message

Happy Tomorrow Beyond Safety

Welcome to KORAD

As the designated implementing organization according to the Radioactive Waste Management Act, KORAD is responsible for safe management of all kinds of radioactive waste generated in Korea. Safety is always our top priority.

We take care of the radioactive wastes to protect people and the environment. In Korea, KORAD takes full responsibility for thorough management of radioactive waste, including construction and operation of the LILW disposal facilities since 2009.

Together with LILW management, KORAD is currently supporting the activities of the Review Commission on SNF management policy, in order the national policy to be established at the earliest moment. Moreover, we are preparing for safe management of decommissioning wastes to be generated from decommissioning of nuclear power plants from 2020's.

Also, KORAD makes efforts to communicate with the public and carries out R&D in order to enhance stakeholder trust and confidence in safe and transparent management of radioactive wastes.

We do our best to keep clean environment for the present and future generations with your supports and interests.

Thank you.

CEO & President

Korea Radioactive Waste Agency