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Application for tour

The selected menu is the Promotion Hall (general status of the corp.) Step1.

Promotion Hall (Koradium) General Status

  • Name / opening day

    Name / opening day

    Korea Atomic Energy Authority Environmental Management
    Center Promotion Hall (Koradium)
    July 1, 2014

  • Purpose of operation

    Purpose of operation

    Establishment of public understanding for radioactive waste

  • operating time

    Operating time

    09:30 ~ 17:30 (Application can be made until 16:30)

  • location


    1249 Donghaean-ro, Munmudaewang-myeon, Gyeongju, Gyeongbuk
    (Bonggil-ri 58)

  • Maximum capacity for simultaneous viewing

    Maximum capacity for simultaneous viewing


Maximum capacity for simultaneous viewing

Tour facilities (field trip) and time required

관람시설(견학코스) 및 소요시간

Basic Information

  • Visiting facilities : Koradium (Public Relations Hall), Cheongjeong Nuri Park, Ground support facilities, Cave disposal facilities (Only tour of Koradium and Purple Nuri Park on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
  • Opening period : Open throughout the year (except for ground support facilities and cave disposal facilities on weekends)
  • Opening hours : 09:30 ~ 17:30
  • Please apply one week before the visit. (However, if the reservation time overlaps, we will give priority to the group that made the reservation first.)
  • Please bring your ID card when you visit.
  • Inquiries : Korea Atomic Energy Corporation PR Team
  • Tel : 054)778-7124

Group tour information

Application for Visit>Review and Tuning>Application Complete
  • 01

    Apply for a Tour

    Internet Reservation (1 Week before the visit)
  • 02

    Review and Coordinate

    Review Duplication with other organizations and Security.
  • 03

    Application Completed

    Confirmed Applying for a visit