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Management Policy

Management Methods

Management Policy of spent nuclear fuels
will be established on the basis of economical conditions, environmental technology, public acceptance, political conditions and international issues under public engagement programs.
Spent Nuclear Fuels(Nuclear Materials+Wastes), Public Engagement(Economy, Safety, Acceptance, Technology, Enviornment, Public Awareness, Others), Management Policy(Direct Disposal, Reprocessing, Interim Stroage(Wait & See))


  • Direct Disposal

    (Open fuel cycle, Once-through, Direct disposal)

    Directly disposed in a bedrock 500-1,000m underground for iong-term safety from high heat and radiation of spent nuclear fuels

    Progress in Sweden, Finland and Canada

  • Reprocessing

    (Closed fuel cycle, Reprocessing)

    Re-usable materials separation and extraction from spent nuclear fuels such as plutonium and others

    • Wet Reprocessing:PUREX, REDOX, Precipitation, UREX
    • Dry Reprocessing:fluoride volatility process, chloride volatilization process, pyro-metallurgy, pyro-chemical process, pyro-processing

    Reprocessing facilities in UK, France and Japan

  • Interim Storage

    (Interim storage)

    Storage in a certain pertain period before direct disposal or reprocessing

    • Wet storage:stored in wet storage pools(Frande, Uk, Sweden and others)
    • Dry Srorage:stored in dey storage(US, Germany, Canada, Japan and others)
NPP(New Fuel, NPP), Temporary Storage, Interim Storage(Wet Storage, Dry Storage), Disposal(Direct Disposal, Reprocessing, Transmutation, Deep Geological Disposal)