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Community Support

Community Support

The support project for the local community (according to Special Act for Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility) was promoted when Gyeongju was finally confirmed as the location of low and intermediate level radioactive waste disposal facility. The project is divided into the support project for Gyeongju by the government and those provided by KORAD.

Support Project for Gyeongju (by the Government)

Governmental supports for Gyeongju are divided into two types of projects, '4 Special Support Projects' by the Government and '55 Support Projects' which are reviewed and resolved by the Support Committee for Gyeongju according to the Gyeongju Support Scheme.

Support Project for Gyeongju (by KORAD)

Projects are promoted based on the fee charged for radioactive wastes delivery (Radioactive Waste Management Act) as finances.


Support Project Procedure

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    Performance Activities&Plan

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    Deliberation Committee Review

    Deliberation Committee
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    Notification of Support Project

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    KORAD (Deliberation Committee)
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*Annual demand survey is carried out for the residents in Gyeongju in order to gather opinions of the support project and to find new projects.Satisfaction survey is also conducted to figure out matters for improvement.