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Organization History

  • Mar. 2008

    Legislation of the RWM Act

  • Jan. 2009

    Foundation of KORAD (KOrea RADioactive Waste Agency, Previously KRMC)

  • Dec. 2010

    First shipment to the Wolsong LILW Disposal Center(WLDC) from Hanul NPP

  • Mar. 2011

    Headquaters relocation to Gyeongju, the hosting city, from Yongin

  • Oct. 2013

    Organization of support team for the PECOS (Public Engagement Commission on SNF management)

  • June 2014

    Completion of the 1st phase construction of the WLDC

  • Jan. 2015

    Start-up of operation of the 1st phase LILW disposal facility (underground silo type) after the pre-operational inspection by the regulatory body(NSSC)

  • Dec. 2015

    License application of the 2nd phase LILW disposal facility (engineered-vault type)

  • Nov. 2018

    Organization of support team for Review of SNF Management Policy

  • Jan. 2019

    Preparation for the 3rd phase LILW disposal facility(trench type)