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The Basic Policy of Radioactive Wastes

  • 01

    Radioactive Waste should safely be controlled for a long period so that it is managed under the Government.

  • 02

    Radioactive wastes should safely be managed in terms of ecology and environment to prevent citizens’ health from any harm. International standards for safe management are followed.

  • 03

    The generation rate of radioactive wastes from nuclear power plants and radioisotopes is minimized.

  • 04

    Disposal cost for radioactive wastes is paid by waste producers so that the cost is not transferred to the next generation.

  • 05

    Citizens’ understandings and reliability of the policy are promoted by transparent and open management of radioactive wastes. The radioactive waste management project is promoted in a harmonious way with local community which contributes to local society development.

The basic policy is managed under the responsibility of the Government.