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Management Policy

Waste Management History for Spent Nuclear Fuels

Resolution of the 220th Atomic Energy Commission (27 July 1988)

Interim Storage before reprocessing or permanent disposal decided

Resolution of the 253th Atomic Energy Commission (17 December 2004)

Spent nuclear fuels stored in a nuclear power plant site with high density storage racks

Consideration of national management policy and technology development

Discussion under social consensus for a long term

Resolution of the 255th Atomic Energy Commission (22 December 2008)

Pyro-processing and SFR (Sodium-cooled Faster Reactor) development to peacefully operate SNF (Spent Nuclear Fuels) under the Long Term Scheme of Future Nuclear System (Draft)

Resolution of the 2nd Atomic Energy Promotion Council (20 November 2012)

Public Debate Committee in consideration of top level safety and public acceptance

Inauguration of PECOS and Submission of Recommendations (Oct. 2013 ~ June 2015)

Government launched PECOS(Public Engagement Commission on Spent Nuclear Fuel Management) to collect a comprehensive public opinion. The Commission submitted a set of recommendations for safe management on spent fuel to the government.

Resolution of the 6th AEPC (Atomic Energy Promotion Commission) (25 July, 2016)

Government developed the Basic Plan on Management of High-Level Radioactive Waste based on PESCO's recommendations. The plan included the roadmap for HLW management to ensure the public safety.

The Government's Decision to Review the Basic Plan on HLW Management (July 2017)

The Government decided to review the basic plan on HLW management through Public Engagement Programs as President's Agenda No.60.

Preparation Group to Review the HLW Management Policy (May ~ Nov. 2018)

The Preparation Group was formed in order to collect opinions of stakeholders and experts. The group hold 21 meetings to set a guideline for agendas and procedure of the new SNF public engagement. Their recommendations was submitted to the government after six-month activity.