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KORAD Promotional Video

Although invisible, a warm intension and impact you can feel.

It’s leading hard work and dedication to keep a cleaner environment and a safer future. 

Happy Together, Beyond safety 

KORAD, Korea Radioactive Waste Agency

- Subtitle : Time for Safety

Mankind has achieved incredible cultural and industrial advances using energy.

But it’s time to shift to safer and cleaner energy to protect lives and the environment.

The first task we must consider during this transition is to safely manage the radioactive wastes generated from nuclear power.

For this purpose, the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea passed a bill on radioactive waste management for public safety and environment protection in March 2008 and the government established the Korea Radioactive Waste Agency in January 2009 to perform waste management.

- Subtitle : Improving Public Acceptance

In March 2011, we were the first government office to relocate its headquarters to Gyeongju and we moved into our new building in August 2017.

All of us at KORAD are working hard with a sense of calling to make a smooth energy transition. 

In Gyeongju, tourist attraction, the Underwater Tomb of King Munmu, 

there is a disposal facility for low and intermediate level radioactive wastes from hospitals, research institutes and nuclear power plants.

And the radioactive wastes are safely transported to the disposal facility by transport ship, Cheongjeongnuri-ho.

In 2005, the site for radioactive waste facility was selected. In August, 2015, the construction of the first stage, underground silos were completed for safe disposal of low and intermediate level radioactive wastes.

At present, the site is under construction for the second stage of near-surface disposal.

Once the second stage disposal facility is constructed, the Wolsung Disposal Center will be a world’s first combined facility with underground and near-surface disposal types at the same site.

In order for this project to be completed successfully, there is a need to engage in continuous research and development of technology in the R&D Institute of Radioactive Wastes. The Institute has developed casks to transport and store high level radioactive wastes having an extensive database on Korea’s geological environment with a computer system, which is called KOINS.

Also, in order to secure stable funding for the national radioactive waste management projects, which requires massive budget in its early stages, we have been delegated the responsibility of Radioactive Waste Management Fund, set up by the government and are operating the Fund Management Center with asset management specialists.

- Subtitle : Preparing for the Future

While we have successfully made a stable platform for a disposal facility for low and intermediate level radioactive wastes, there is still another important challenge we must undertake, which is managing high level radioactive wastes such as spent nuclear fuels.

The Central Government of Korea has been preparing related policies and legislative bills.

At KORAD, we are striving to secure the core technologies and the necessary foundation for carrying out the project on safely managing high level radioactive wastes, in accordance with the new government policy.

For this purpose, we’ve established a dedicated department to prepare action plans for the projects and engaged in various communication activities to improve public acceptance of the projects. We’ve also made a platform of the projects and developed research programs in an underground research laboratory.

- Subtitle : Permanent Shutdown of Kori Reactor 1. First commercial reactor started in 1978.

In addition, since the decision was made to decommission Kori Reactor 1, we’ve been preparing for the safe acceptance and management of the decommissioning wastes.

Furthermore, KORAD is making efforts to create social values, as a government office and running various programs to create a happy workplace to keep the employees satisfied.

With a sense of calling to stay one step ahead in the era of energy transition, we will take the lead to protect the clean environment of Korea and create a happier future for all citizens.

Happy Tomorrow, Beyond Safety

Korea Radioactive Waste Agency, KORAD