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KORAD makes best efforts to promote publicity activities through various media.

energy & daily lifesafety & environment
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Nuclear energy is used in various ways in our daily life.

Radioactive wastes are the inevitable by-products of using nuclear energy.
KORAD was established to protect people and environment through safe and effective management of radioactive wastes.
KORAD puts the highest value on safety, trust and technology as its core values.

KORAD constructed the Low & Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Center that guarantee safe disposal with a multi-barrier protection system.

KORAD is planning the Spent Nuclear Fuel Management Project, which includes interim storage facilities and transportation system development to safely manage spent nuclear fuels.

KORAD is dedicated to the development of key technologies of radioactive waste management at the Research and Development Institute in Daejeon, and is securing world class technologies by exchanging and collaborating techniques with internationally and domestically related organizations.

Putting the highest value on people and our planet, KORAD constructed the KORAD Cheongjeong Nuri Park in the area of the Radioactive Waste Disposal Center.

By drawing businesses to help local economy revitalize

KORAD has been drawing businesses into this area and providing various services for the local communities. KORAD builds trust and strong communication with the communities.

We put the health and safety of people first.
We think the environment is the most important.

We are dedicated to being the best!

Best Safety, Best Trust & Global KORAD
Korea Radioactive Waste Agency