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KORAD considers 'emotional connection through communication' as the most important aspect of social contribution activities.

KORAD established Cheongjeong Nuri Volunteer Group in the year of its foundation, 2009 to promote social contribution activities in various fields such as social welfare, environmental conservation, local cooperation, mutual growth, etc.
social welfare, environmental conservation, local collaboration, mutual grouwth
We promise to conduct sincere social contribution activities in which employees of the corporation and citizens can participate together to become a trustworthy and beloved corporation.

Code of Conduct

Every member of KORAD Volunteer Group understands that we are a social partner of community and promises to observe the followings to sincerely pursue common social values with local residents.

I will perform volunteer work for others.
I will remember that all human beings are equal regardless of age, sex, religion, physical, social and economic conditions.
I will follow the code of ethics of the corporation and voluntarily participate in local demands.
Social contribution activity in principle is to provide free volunteer service.
I will maintain confidentiality in social contribution activities and I will not invade privacy of organizations or other persons.
I will cooperate with other members of the group through mutual understanding and respect, and I will be responsible to perform duties appropriate for ability and schedule.
I will always speak and act in a modest way, treat others with smile, and be sincere and responsible.
Volunteer group members are the representatives of KORAD. I pledge to strictly follow the above as the member of KORAD Volunteer Group.