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Environmental Management


What Is Environmental Management?
For "safety, environment-friendliness, top technology and trust-first” as core values of the corporation, we emphasize environmental management to fulfill such values and aim to contribute to civil safety and environment conservation through safe and effective management of radioactive wastes.

01 Continuous Environmental Improvement through Environmental Management
We establish an environmental management system of the international standard and activate
continuous environmental improvement throughout the process of radioactive waste management.
02 Environmental Management more strict than the Environment Law
We not only observe domestic and overseas environment standards but also make every effort to manage environment at the level higher than those standards to minimize environmental impacts.
03 Minimization of Environmental Pollution
Environmental pollution is minimized by optimizing each process in radioactive management and by improving facility performance and operational management.
04 Local Environmental Conservation Activity
Resource saving and recycling are maximized to ensure environmental conservation, and we actively participate in development of a local community and environment improvement.
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The entire employees of KORAD shall make our best efforts to practice the environmental policy by recognizing the importance of environmental management and individual environmental role.