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The 5th International Symposium on Safety Improvement &

Stakeholder Confidence in Radioactive Waste Management

1. Overview
Theme Creating Social Value based on Communication and Innovation of Radioactive Waste Management
Date November 21 - 22, 2018
Venue The Hyundai Hotel, Gyeongju
Republic of Korea
Organized by KORAD (Korea Radioactive Waste Agency)
2. Background
   There has been recently growing needs in Korea that the public services should be based on social trust and confidence, and create additional value for our society beyond their mission itself. In this regards, the current regime of President Moon has put much emphasis on 'Social Value', which means the value that could contribute to providing the public with benefits and to developing the community, implying the diverse concepts such as welfare, safety, volunteering, cooperation, balance, ecology, ethics, human right and justice, opportunity for the minority, etc.
   Also, concerns have been raised over how we could respond to new challenges, the 4th Industrial Revolution. The 4th Industrial Revolution, characterized by 'hyperconnectivity' and 'superintelligence', represents the combination of cyber-physical system, Internet of Things and Internet of Systems, and is expected to transform the way that we live by giving huge impact to all disciplines and industries.
   Meanwhile, efforts for communication with stakeholders and innovation are fundamental and critical factors to success of radioactive waste management since it grows out of trust enhancement and technological development. In particular, radioactive waste management program in Korea, as one of the public services that the government is primarily responsible for, should get along with the national policy and agenda, and be initiative and proactive in dealing with environmental changes. In other words, radioactive waste management cannot avoid or escape the new waves of this era, such as 'Social Value' and 'the 4th Industrial Revolution'.

   It is envisaged that the environmental changes and challenges mentioned above are not the only matters for Korea, but also what every country is affected by and faced with. The 5th International Symposium on Safety Improvement & Stakeholder Confidence in Radioactive Waste Management (SaRaM) is intended to provide the opportunity to exchange and discuss information, knowledge and experiences of each country, with special focus on creating 'Social Value' to the local communities hosting radioactive waste management facilities, and innovating radioactive waste management activities using core technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution. In parallel, good practices of management of high level waste and decommissioning waste will be shared and discussed, in order to be fully prepared for new energy mix outlined that Korea's dependency on nuclear energy would be gradually decreased by fading out nuclear reactors.
As a hosting organization, KORAD would welcome and appreciate every person interested, and every opinion brought out during the 5th SaRaM.
3. Program
I. Day 1 (November 21)
11:00 ~ Registration
12:00 ~ 14:00 Special Session
Dialogue between experts from overseas implementing organizations
and subcontractors & innovation group of KORAD
14:30 ~ 18:00 Plenary Session
Radioactive Waste Management from a viewpoint of Social Value
14:30 ~ 14:50 Opening Remarks Host
Welcome Remarks KORAD Sung Soo CHA(CEO)
Congratulatory Remarks KRS Chang Lak Kim(President)
14:50 ~ 15:30 Plenary Presentation 1
(What is Social Value?)
The Presidential
Commission on
Policy Planning
Yoon seock Lee
(Member of the Commission)
15:30 ~ 16:10 Plenary Presentation 2
(Roles of radioactive waste
management facilities from an
added value perspective)
Mika Pohjonen
(Managing Director)
16:10 ~ 16:30 Coffee Break
16:30 ~ 17:10 Plenary Presentation 3
(History and progress in
partnership with hosting
Mrs. Selma TOLBA
(Head of the
Communication & Dialogue
Division of Center de
Stockage de l'Aube)
17:10 ~ 17:50 Plenary Presentation 4
(Stakeholder involvement in
radioactive waste management
(Senior Scientific
18:10 ~ 20:10 Reception

II. Day 2 (November 22)
08:30 ~ Registration
09:30 ~ 12:10 Topical Session 1
Innovation of Radioactive Waste Management toward New Era of the
4th Industrial Revolution
09:30 ~ 10:05 Presentation 1
(Integration of core
technologies ot the 4th
Industrial Revolution and
radioactive waste management
Dai Sik KO
10:05 ~ 10:40 Presentation 2
(Good practices done by Nagra
for innovation of radioactive
waste management based on
core technologies of the 4th
Industrial Revolution)
Dr. Ingo
(Deputy Head of
International Services &
Projects Division)
10:40~11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 ~ 11:35 Presentation 3
(Good practices done by
Andraor innovation of
radioactive waste management
based on core technologies of
the 4th Industrial Revolution)
Dr. Patrick Landais
(Chief Technology
11:35 ~ 12:10 Presentation 4
(Good practices done by
SCK/CEN for innovation of
radioactive waste management
based on core technologies of
the 4th Industrial Revolution)
(Senior Scientific
12:10 ~ 13:20 Lunch
13:20 ~ Topical Session 2
High Level Waste(HLW) Management
13:20 ~ 13:50 Presentation 1
The basic plan of R&D for geological
disposal of HLW(draft)
Dr. Jeong Hwan LEE
(Deputy Team Manager)
13:50 ~ 14:20 Presentation 2
Plan on site selection process
and social acceptance of HLW
disposal in Japan
Mr. Kenichi KAKU
(Manager of Public
Relations Department)
14:20 ~ 14:50 Presentation 3
Requirements of site selection
for Deep Geological Repository
(Former Director of
Science & Technology
14:50 ~ 15:20 Presentation 4
Experience in URL operation
for safety demonstration of
HLW disposal in France
Mr. Daniel DELORT
(Project Manager of
International Relation
15:20 ~ 15:50 Presentation 5
Experience in URL operation
for safety demonstration of
SNF disposal in Finland
(Managing Director)
15:50 ~ 16:15 Coffee Break
16:15 ~ 17:45 Topical Session 3
Decommissioning Waste Management
16:15~16:45 Presentation 1
Decommissioning waste
management plan in Korea
Ms. Yoon Ji CHOI
(Manager of
Policy Team)
16:45~17:15 Presentation 2
Experience in waste
management generated by
decommissioning of Fugen
Mr. Tezuka MASASHI
(Fugen Decommissioning
Engineering Center)
17:15~17:45 Presentation 3
R&D on decommissioning
waste management in Belgium
(Senior Scientific
4. Official Language
English will be the spoken language during the symposium. Translation will also be provided for the sessions of the first day and the 1st Topical Session of the second day.
5. Pre-registration
Please download and fill in the from (Registration From Download), and send to Mr. Hanbyul Kim(hanbyul@korad.or.kr).
If not registered in advance. reception or lunch may not be provided in case.
No Registration fee is required.
6. Contact
Ms. Ou Jeong YOO
Tel : +82-54-750-4274
Email: dnwjddl00@korad.or.kr