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The 4th International Symposium on Safety Improvement &

Stakeholder Confidence in Radioactive Waste Management

1. Overview
Theme Social Responsibility for Clean & Sustainable Future
Date September 28 - 29, 2017
Venue The Sheraton Grand Walkerhill (Seoul)
KORAD HQ (Gyeongju)
Republic of Korea
Organized by KORAD (Korea Radioactive Waste Agency)
2. Background
Kori No.1 reactor, which is the very first commercial reactor in Korea, was permanently shut down in June this year. Nuclear energy has been the critical factor contributing to the economic growth in Korea as its use has been gradually increased since Kori No 1 reactor started its operation in 1978. The shutdown of Kori No.1 reactor marked a beginning for transition to new energy policy of new regime in Korea. At the same time, the Paris Agreement adopted in 2015 encourages the global efforts to develop and use sustainable energy for new climate regime.
The adaptation to domestic and international changes in energy policy is depending on safe management of spent nuclear fuel as well as radioactive waste, considerably generated from reactor operation. In other words, transition to new energy paradigm should be underpinned by the stable infrastructure and circumstance that spent nuclear fuel could be managed safely.

Additionally, safe management of spent nuclear fuel is one of responsibilities that our generation should take on for future. It will also mean that we can pass on the clean environment to the next generations as precious heritage.
With good recognition of those points, great efforts to improve the technology for safe management of spent nuclear fuel and to encourage the open communication with the public and the stakeholders have been made in Korea. The International Symposium on Safety Improvement & Stakeholder Confidence in Radioactive Waste Management (SaRaM) is intended to provide the opportunities for knowledge & information exchange and opinion sharing among the experts and the stakeholders, and to listen to the voices of young generation. In particular, the issues on spent nuclear fuel management will be discussed during the 4th SaRaM, focused on challenges and good practices of each step of spent nuclear fuel management from siting process to the final disposal.
The people who are interested in spent nuclear fuel management to the 4th SaRaM and, every opinion presented during the symposium will be welcome and appreciated.
3. Program
I. Day 1 (Sep. 28, Seoul)
1) Opening Session - Overseas experiences in spent nuclear fuel(high level waste) management in viewpoint of technical safety and social acceptability
Opening Remark
Welcome Remark
Congratulatory Remark
  • Transportation & storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF)
  • Disposal of SNF(HLW)
2) Panel Discussion I - Site selection process
  • Lessons learnt from the experience in siting process of overseas countries, from the technical, social & economic perspectives
  • Recommendations concerning key factors for successful site selection
2) Panel Discussion II - How to develop and operate URLs
  • Effective ways of operating the URLs
  • Considerations on the development plan of URLs
II. Day 2 (Sep. 29, Gyeongju)
1) Talk Concert - Dialogues between experts from the international organizations and the Korean undergraduates
  • Understanding the issues on nuclear energy and radioactive waste management by heated discussions
  • Introduction of International Organizations (Key roles & activities)
  • Q&A
2) Technical Tour
Site visit to the Wolsong Low-and-Intermediate Level Waste Disposal Facility
4. Official Language
English will be spoken language during the symposium. Translation will be also provided.
5. Contact
Ms. Ou Jeong YOO
Tel: +82-54-750-4371
Email: dnwjddl00@korad.or.kr